Mobility and exercise in the workplace.

There are already many tips for being active in the Workplace so we will not re-invent the whell here. What we are going to do is give you the inside scoop on why being active at work is so important and how it improves your health, performance and contentment at work.

The Basics

Our Bodies are Fluid. Every process, function and system within our bodies Flows. Our Bodies never cease to keep working, keep flowing. We were not created to be stagnant beings. However, we have created such an abundant, luxurious lifestyle that all we do now is sit at desks in work, lie on the couch at home, I've even seen some people almost lying down as they are driving!

Physically we need to keep moving to promote Optimum Body function, processes and Health for ourselves. Exercise - even this gently stimulates our Blood Flow, enhances body systems and refreshes the Flow of Blood and Oxygen to your Brain! - The guy who decides how alert or motivated you are!

Achieving this in the workplace is simple;

  • Take the stairs always instead of the lift
  • Have a break away from your PC every hour
  • Visit colleagues in your building rather than email them
  • Walk on your lunch break
  • Stretch out your body every hour

And you do have time for these! These exercises do not take out alot of time in your work day. By doing these simple exercises throughout your day you will attain these results;

  • More focus throughout the day
  • Clarity of thought
  • More patience
  • Less Stress
  • Less aches and pains
  • Less headaches
  • Better Work Relations

Your place of employment already has Occupational Health Specialist to help with postural aids and such to make you as comfortable as possible at work. But you have to take some responsibility for your own comfort, focuss, motivation and Health at Work. By following these simple steps daily, you will feel a great benefit within weeks!