Body Massage
Absolute wellbeing. Body massage using warm nourishing massage oil.
Ultimate Body Massage – Relax, Uplift, Detox, Senses
Tension is eased from your body with this heavenly massage.
Your skin is treated to the incredibly smoothing sensation of warm aromatic oils.
1hr 20 mins£55
Back & Legs
Relief of muscular tension in back, neck and shoulders.
Instantly refreshing and invigorating for tired aching legs.
40 mins£35
Relax Back Massage
Relaxing and stress relieving massage of back neck and shoulders.
Feel the tension melt away.
30 mins£30
Legs and Feet Massage
Put the bounce back in your step rejuvenating lower legs and feet.
Warm massage balm enhances the experience and flushes excess fluids leaving feet revived and light.
30 mins£30
Indian Head Massage
Sublimely calming holistic massage.
All traces of tension are gently eased from back, neck shoulders and scalp.
Indian Head Massage
Drift into a deep relaxation with massage and soothing essential oils gently easing tension from scalp, neck and shoulders.
30 mins£30