These exercises have been created to help you learn how to Relax and appreciate the importance of taking even just 10 mins out of your day to Refresh, Rejuvinate and Recharge your body and mind to help you continue your day with focus, intention and ease.

Simple Relaxation Techniques

Breathing with Numbers

Take a Deep Breath in counting in seconds, then Breathe out the same length of time.

If your first in breath in is 3 then your out breath to 3. Do this number 3 times.

Then lengthen your in breath to 4 and your out breath to 4, do this 3 times.

Then continue until you reach 8(maximum).

This is a relaxation exercise, do not force your breath to any time just follow it and Thank it for where you get to each time. The next time it may be longer.

Colour visualization

Very quick effective technique of calming you in an uncomfortable situation.

If you are upset or angry, go to the nearest toilet, private space.

Sit comfortably. Close your eyes and visualize a COOLING, CALMING LAVENDER color coming over your head. Feel it change to a REFRESHING BLUE as it falls over your neck and shoulders, notice it changing to a LOVELY JADE GREEN as it cascades over your chest, sense it changing to a HAPPY SUNFLOWER YELLOW as it travels over your abdomen, blending into a INTENSE ORANGE as it covers your hips, then becoming a WARM RUST RED as it sweeps down your legs to your feet and the ground.

Take 3 slow deep breathes in and out, wriggle your fingers and your toes, then one last deep breath in then out and open your eyes.